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Apartments With Utilities Included

Camp Hill Apartments With Utilities Included

When you’re searching for apartments in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, look for options with amenities included in the cost. Some of the amenities you'll want to look for, for example, are utilities included in the rental cost.

Are you looking for Camp Hill apartments with water included as well as other utilities? Long Meadows is a comfortable and conveniently located solution that you're sure to love. These Camp Hill apartments with sewer included have extra utilities covered in the price. This setup will make renting and budgeting more convenient for you since you won’t have to wonder how much you'll need to pay for these extras. Long Meadows Camp Hill apartments with trash included also offer recycling and all basic amenities in the price. Avoid surprises at bill time this way! Your Camp Hill home at Long Meadows will be ready for cable and high-speed internet access, letting you work and stay connected.

Are you looking for Long Meadows Camp Hill apartments with utilities included? Feel free to contact us at Property Management, Inc. You're also welcome to call (717) 763-7583.